Simple Harmonic Motion

This applet shows you the potential and kinetic energy of a body attached to a spring at various points of its simple harmonic motion.
If the applet does not appear, please try the following:
(1) Download the Java software from
(2) Go to the menu: Tools > Turn off Pop-Up Blocker.
(3) Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security > Allow Active Contents.
(4) Start Menu > All Programs > Java > Configure Java > Security and then add this website to the Exception Site List.

Click anywhere in the applet to start the spring oscillating.

Kinetic EnergyGravitational Potential EnergyElastic Potential EnergyTotal Energy
At highest point0mg2xk(e - x)2 / 2k(e + x)2 / 2
At equilibrium position½ mv2mgxke2 / 2
At lowest point00k(e + x)2 / 2

Right-click here to download this page and the Java Class File.