This applet shows you how light is refracted when it travels from one medium to another medium of a different refractive index.

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Snell's Law: ni sin θi = nr sin θr
where ni = refractive index of the first medium,
θi = angle of incidence,
nr = refractive index of the second medium,
θr = angle of refraction.

When light travels from one medium to another medium of lower refractive index
and the angle of incidence is greater than a certain critical angle, total internal reflection occurs.

Refractive Indices of Common Materials:
Vacuum: 1
Air: 1.0003
Water: 1.33
Glycerine: 1.47
Glass: 1.52
Emerald: 1.58
Ruby: 1.76
Sapphire: 1.77
Diamond: 2.42

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