This applet shows you the phase of the moon as the days pass by.

If the applet does not appear, please try the following:
(1) Download the Java software from
(2) Go to the menu: Tools > Turn off Pop-Up Blocker.
(3) Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security > Allow Active Contents.
(4) Start Menu > All Programs > Java > Configure Java > Security and then add this website to the Exception Site List.

New moonafter sunset
Waxing crescent moonafternoon and post-dusk
First quarter moonafternoon and early night
Waxing gibbous moonlate afternoon and most of night
Full moonsunset to sunrise (all night)
Waning gibbous moonmost of night and early morning
Last quarter moonlate night and morning
Waning crescent moonpre-dawn and morning
Old moonbefore sunrise

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